iO Italian Osteria at HillV2

The atmosphere is pleasant and chill at the italian osteria located at new mall Hillv2. We were keen to try out the food for a couple of reasons. First, new place – must try right? 🙂 Secondly, when we had walked into the osteria the first time, the people were most happy to let us try their various freshly baked breads – we were bowled over just by their plain Schiacciata. But as we had just finished a full meal, we promised (both ourselves and them) to be back again for a proper meal. Here’s what we’ve tried since: Fried stuffed olives – Very yummy, tasty stuff! While each piece is fairly small in size, it packs a punch in terms of the rich flavour.

IMG_2267IMG_2269 Truffle and Cream Cheese Schiacciata – Tasty stuff again! And pretty filling (pun intended) too. (6 hours later, we are still full.) The Schiacciata is wholemeal (i.e. healthy) but without compromise to its nice taste. It is also freshly baked, with a slight crisp on the outside. As for the filling, instead of merely truffle oil, we are given pieces and shreds of (what looked like) truffle. The taste is strong and robust, although not overpoweringly so.


Pork belly with Fennel – The meat is tender and juicy and the skin is crisp.  (That’s what you see right up there, at the start of this post.)


Slow-braised Lamb Ragout Pasta, Pork Sausage Saffron Sauce Orecchiette and Lemon Breadcrumbs Prawns Tagliolini – Quite different from the taste of pasta sauces we’re accustomed to in Singapore, these pastas have a more homely, simple, heart- and tummy-warming feel (although probably not simple to make at all). We like the first two more than the last though – which strangely, has a slight hint of banana flavoring although the menu states ‘lemon’ breadcrumbs. Lemon Gelato – Saturated lemon gelato, which is nice, refreshing and pleasant. Although after a couple of mouthfuls, I personally found the taste pretty strong and am glad to share it.


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