Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack and Molten Chocholate Lava Cakes at Starbucks


Last year, we had breakfast at Starbucks on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. I think R is a stickler for rituals >_< (i.e. he is a romantic, and sees value to bind and build our relationship on anniversaries, traditions and the like) So even though it was 12.45pm, we had breakfast at Starbucks again this year (before having lunch circa 1.30pm).


The CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER STACK CAKE (think it would be more aptly called Caramel peanut butter chocolate cake) was an excellent amalgam of sweetness (coupled with slight savoury footnote), crunchiness (due to the biscuit bits) and velvety smoothness (of the cake proper). It was akin to a deconstructed and elongated form of snickers bar and ferrero rocher all rolled into one. It went very well with Americano coffee (black; no sugar). The sweetness of the cake and the bitterness of the coffee complemented and somehow enhanced the taste and enjoyment of each other. This prandial masterpiece is an excellent and bittersweet (pun intended) way to start off the Year of the Goat.

Day 2 of the Year of the Goat was spent at Starbucks too. This time we tried the MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE which was surprisingly good and decently priced as well!

IMG_2346 IMG_2348


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