Mad about Sucre

IMG_2375Stumbled into this little shophouse whilst strolling around the Dorsett Residences… I felt like Alice falling into a rabbit hole and landing up in WondIMG_2381erland.. in a good way!

Apparently, the design of the place was intentionally such that it would completely take you in and the drudgery of life would be left outside the door once you step in.

Mad about Sucre clearly take pride in their craft and every cake looks like a work of art.

What looked like flower arrangements were actually Marzipan…  The beautiful ceiling ornaments, including beautiful butterflies, were also cakes.. There are so many pictures in this one post because there were just too many beautiful things to take photos of… Wish I just had some of their aesthetic sense to present all the photos just as  beautifully…

IMG_2388The warm people kindly offered us each a delicious cup of tea whilst enthusiastically sharing a bit of their history, their expertise, their passion to create cakes that were both exceptionally beautiful and delicious as well as ensure good tea pairings for each of their cakes.

IMG_2376Their desire for perfection shines through and is extremely inspiring.

We finally settled for a lemon tart that looked like it was covered with crystals and loved the lightness, the smoothness and how it was not overpoweringly sweet….

Would definitely recommend anyone who wants a perfect, beautiful wedding cake to check this place out.  IMG_2382

27 Teo Hong Road S’pore 088334

6221 3969


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