Mad about Sucre

IMG_2375Stumbled into this little shophouse whilst strolling around the Dorsett Residences… I felt like Alice falling into a rabbit hole and landing up in WondIMG_2381erland.. in a good way!

Apparently, the design of the place was intentionally such that it would completely take you in and the drudgery of life would be left outside the door once you step in.

Mad about Sucre clearly take pride in their craft and every cake looks like a work of art.

What looked like flower arrangements were actually Marzipan…  The beautiful ceiling ornaments, including beautiful butterflies, were also cakes.. There are so many pictures in this one post because there were just too many beautiful things to take photos of… Wish I just had some of their aesthetic sense to present all the photos just as  beautifully…

IMG_2388The warm people kindly offered us each a delicious cup of tea whilst enthusiastically sharing a bit of their history, their expertise, their passion to create cakes that were both exceptionally beautiful and delicious as well as ensure good tea pairings for each of their cakes.

IMG_2376Their desire for perfection shines through and is extremely inspiring.

We finally settled for a lemon tart that looked like it was covered with crystals and loved the lightness, the smoothness and how it was not overpoweringly sweet….

Would definitely recommend anyone who wants a perfect, beautiful wedding cake to check this place out.  IMG_2382

27 Teo Hong Road S’pore 088334

6221 3969


Waffles at Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar

We were very pleasantly surprised by the  SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM WAFFLES at Roosevelt Diner! So much so that we’ve had it 3 times in the past 2 weeks. The waffles was warm and crisp and definitely one of our favourites.


The TRUFFLE EGG WAFFLES was also pretty yummy. The only downside is that the scrambled egg made the waffles rather soggy by the time I was halfway through it. Maybe I just eat real slow. But I do wonder.. does the egg (or ice cream, as the case may be) really have to be placed on the waffles?  To the best of my memory, every cafe seems to do that..


Now, I’d say this is another favourite 🙂 FRIED OYSTERS.. Some might find this a little salty but I find it just flavourful, even without the dipping it into the accompanying sauce. R loved the sauce and had it even without the oysters.

331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences, 088764
6538 3518

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack and Molten Chocholate Lava Cakes at Starbucks


Last year, we had breakfast at Starbucks on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year. I think R is a stickler for rituals >_< (i.e. he is a romantic, and sees value to bind and build our relationship on anniversaries, traditions and the like) So even though it was 12.45pm, we had breakfast at Starbucks again this year (before having lunch circa 1.30pm).


The CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER STACK CAKE (think it would be more aptly called Caramel peanut butter chocolate cake) was an excellent amalgam of sweetness (coupled with slight savoury footnote), crunchiness (due to the biscuit bits) and velvety smoothness (of the cake proper). It was akin to a deconstructed and elongated form of snickers bar and ferrero rocher all rolled into one. It went very well with Americano coffee (black; no sugar). The sweetness of the cake and the bitterness of the coffee complemented and somehow enhanced the taste and enjoyment of each other. This prandial masterpiece is an excellent and bittersweet (pun intended) way to start off the Year of the Goat.

Day 2 of the Year of the Goat was spent at Starbucks too. This time we tried the MOLTEN CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE which was surprisingly good and decently priced as well!

IMG_2346 IMG_2348

A natto bean a day keeps the doctor away


Natto beans are superfoods that are full of protein, vitamin k, vitamin PQQ (powerful antioxidant) and probiotics. They have been touted to maintain bone density, keep skin and heart healthy, thin blood, among other things. Natto beans are really fermented soybeans and the fermentation is said to increase digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Because of the unusual taste, slimy texture and infamous smell of natto beans, some may find it difficult to like. I personally find that those on the shelves of supermarkets come with nice sauces and the smell is barely there.

Here’s to more natto beans and good health in the new year!

iO Italian Osteria at HillV2

The atmosphere is pleasant and chill at the italian osteria located at new mall Hillv2. We were keen to try out the food for a couple of reasons. First, new place – must try right? 🙂 Secondly, when we had walked into the osteria the first time, the people were most happy to let us try their various freshly baked breads – we were bowled over just by their plain Schiacciata. But as we had just finished a full meal, we promised (both ourselves and them) to be back again for a proper meal. Here’s what we’ve tried since: Fried stuffed olives – Very yummy, tasty stuff! While each piece is fairly small in size, it packs a punch in terms of the rich flavour.

IMG_2267IMG_2269 Truffle and Cream Cheese Schiacciata – Tasty stuff again! And pretty filling (pun intended) too. (6 hours later, we are still full.) The Schiacciata is wholemeal (i.e. healthy) but without compromise to its nice taste. It is also freshly baked, with a slight crisp on the outside. As for the filling, instead of merely truffle oil, we are given pieces and shreds of (what looked like) truffle. The taste is strong and robust, although not overpoweringly so.


Pork belly with Fennel – The meat is tender and juicy and the skin is crisp.  (That’s what you see right up there, at the start of this post.)


Slow-braised Lamb Ragout Pasta, Pork Sausage Saffron Sauce Orecchiette and Lemon Breadcrumbs Prawns Tagliolini – Quite different from the taste of pasta sauces we’re accustomed to in Singapore, these pastas have a more homely, simple, heart- and tummy-warming feel (although probably not simple to make at all). We like the first two more than the last though – which strangely, has a slight hint of banana flavoring although the menu states ‘lemon’ breadcrumbs. Lemon Gelato – Saturated lemon gelato, which is nice, refreshing and pleasant. Although after a couple of mouthfuls, I personally found the taste pretty strong and am glad to share it.

Best Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes in Singapore


I always thought our first post should be about chocolate lava cakes – food that really knows how to comfort our soul, we have been having at least one every month. In the past 11 months or so, we found 4 that we truly like. Today, we finally found our 5th favourite lava cake, making our Top 5 list complete! 🙂

In (almost) no particular order:

1. Brill Cafe

We have been in two minds about sharing this hidden gem with the rest of the world. A cafe with a relaxed, homely feel, it serves as a a quiet respite away from the bustling crowd at Orchard. The chocolate lava cake is heart-warming and very decently priced too.  (Only 1 out of about 10 times, we were disappointed as the chocolate wasn’t quite molten lava – We brought this to the attention of the service staff who promptly offered a second serving, which was done just right!)

TripleOne Somerset
Unit 01-13
Singapore 238164

Mon – Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm
Sat – Sunday 10.00am – 8.00pm

2. Steakout

Tucked at a corner of old-school Victoria Hotel, Steakout serves a good hearty plate of steak and chicken (with baked potatoes and onion rings and other good things..) – Best eaten hot! What we didn’t expect was how good the chocolate lava cake was! We were told that it was because of the 60 percent cocoa. Did we mention its decently priced too?

89 Victoria Street
Unit 01-01
Singapore 188017
Tel: +65 67208103

Daily 11.30am – 10.00pm

3. Five & Dime

Everything tastes good with salted egg yolk – its like a cheaper alternative to truffle. So how can we resist Five & Dime’s salted egg yolk chocolate lava cake? Yes, that’s the picture you see up there. A place that needs no introduction – we suggest you call to book a table. (Adopting gaming terms, we say salted egg yolk is a cheat code – so maybe that’s why we’re sub-consciously only listing it as number 3.) . 

297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338
Tel: +65 92365002

Monday – Thursday 12.00pm – 10.00pm
Friday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Saturday  10.00am – 12.00am
Sunday : 10.00am – 10.00pm

4. Arteastiq Boutique Tea House

Yes, this is the place at Mandarin Gallery, which allows us (who are not so artistically-gifted) to do a little bit of art jamming. The chocolate lava cake was surprisingly good and had (what we think is) molten green tea chocolate! The menu strangely did not mention that it would have green tea – Hope it wasn’t a mistake 🙂

333A Orchard Road
Unit 04-14/15
Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 62358370

Daily 11.00am – 10.00pm

5. Mondo Mio

*oh gawd, Tiramisu or chocolate lava cake.. Tiramisu or chocolate lava cake…*

30 Robertson Quay
Unit 01-02A Riverside View
Singapore 238251
Tel: +65 67362503